Print42?is a log tailing GUI program which optionally echoes log lines to thermal printer tape. Its like a modern thermal printer version of a ticker tape for tailing log files. It features display font size options, search and filtering. You can also annotate the output with text fragments that you type in - or screenshots that you paste in.?

print42 screenshot

Python to HP42S RPN converter website converts Python to RPN (reverse polish notation) programming language.? You write code in a high level structured language (which happens to be Python 3 syntax), hit a button and RPN is generated which runs in vintage HP calculators and the?Free42 calculator emulator.

[Image: python_rpn_ui_01.png?raw=1]

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My 3 day design patterns course can be delivered to you anywhere in Australa and the Asia-Pacific region.? I can customise a course and add consulting so that your application architecture is successful.

Pynsource is a free, open source UML tool for python.? ** New 2019 version just released.

Pynsource hero

A UML tool for Python, with reverse engineering of Python source code (Python 3 and Python 2), auto-layout, zoom, print.? Community Edition free and open source.

Check out two recent products Rationale and bCisive - that I technically managed and helped architect - written in C# and .NET these are world class pieces of desktop software.? I was similarly involved with the development of the web 2.0 website the Hive (which may be offline at times due to continued development):


?The Hive - a web repository for argument maps.




Rationale - Software for Visualising Reasoning

Rationale is now available as a cross platform, online web app at?