Design Pattern Automation & UML Tool Support

Various UML Tools support design pattern usage.  You typically drag and drop patterns onto your workspace and they appear as UML classes.  Its a bit more complicated than this, and raises all sorts of interesting issues.  Read the pdf (part 1) and then read the powerpoint and watch the video (part 2).

Part 1 - Early tools and the philosophy of pattern automation

Design Pattern Automation - Part 1

Part 2 - Design Pattern Tools as of 2006

Here are the slides from a talk entitled "Design Pattern support in UML tools - part II" which I gave in October 2006 to the Melbourne Patterns Group, Australia.


Alternatively, view the above powerpoint on slideshare?or download the powerpoint .ppt directly:

Design Pattern Automation - Part 2


As part of my Design Pattern Automation - Part 2 talk, I recorded some of that session.? Here is a youtube?video?of how to apply design patterns using IBM's Rational tool.? Apologies about the sound quality - just look at the pictures!