Tutorials, Articles and Talks

Here are a bunch of design pattern related blog entries, talks and materials.

Blog Entries in Date Order

2019 - HexMVC Design Pattern (coming soon...)

2018 June -?How I used the Python AST capabilities to build a?Python to Rpn converter

2011 -?Developing a Layout Algorithm for UML diagrams

2011 -?Easy Dependency Injection and Mocking in Ruby

2011 -?Recursively?Cloning Directories in Ruby using Hard Links

2010 -?Ruby vs. Python list comprehensions

2010 -?Cairngorm vs PureMVC Model to View notifications

2009 April -?Refactoring to PureMVC

2009 March -?PureMVC - Architectural Pattern?- Minimal wxPython Example

2009 Feb -Towards a?central repository of Design Patterns

2009 Feb - UML and?Design Pattern support in Netbeans 6

2009 Jan -?Designing software visually?(incl. Executable UML and MDA)

2008 Sep -?State Pattern in Flex 3

2008 March -?Extract Composite?- Refactoring to a Pattern

2007 Nov -?Thoughts on Closures

2007 July -?Object Role Modeling?- What is it?

2007 January -?Teaching 23 patterns in 3 days?- Experiences from the bunker

2006 October - More on?UML Pattern Tools

2006 March -?Tooled Composite?- Architectural Design Pattern

2005 July -?Object Relational Mapping?Design Pattern - Using SQLObject

2005 March -?Getting from State to Bridge Design Pattern?- A Journey

2004 October -?Design Patterns found in the C# Language

2004 August -?Blackboard?Architectural Pattern

2004 June -?Object Thinking?- Book Review

2003 Aug -?Pattern Automation and UML

2003 January - Object Orientation,?UML and Delphi

2002 December -?Mediator Dialog Patterns

2002 October - An?Introduction to Refactoring

2002 September -?Null Object?Design Pattern

2002 September -?Using Design Patterns in Real Projects

2000 January -?Patterns, ModelMaker & Beyond