PyNSource - Download and Installation 

Download from here

Latest release features

Version 1.60 (August 2012)

  • New ast based python parser
  • Layout algorithm
  • Ascii UML view built into the gui, incl. Ascii uml layout
  • Colour sibling nodes
  • Persistence
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Tested on Windows 7, Mac os x, Linux



  • Run pyNsource-1.60-win32-setup.exe to install
  • Or run the various exe's from the standalone distribution zip. e.g. double click on pyNsourceGui.exe


  • Drag the file into your Applications folder and launch pyNsourceGui


  • Run from source code (see instructions below)
  • Note that I am working on a ubuntu/debian package to make this easier.  Please email to help or to sponser its inclusion in the standard repository

Run from Source:

  • Ensure you have python 2.7 installed (should be on ubuntu by default).
  • The GUI relies on wxpython so run the wxpython installer on Windows or Mac.
    If you are using Ubuntu Linux install the wxpython package
  • Install the following python egg like this: easy_install configobj
  • Run ./