Thoughts on Closures

It seems like closures are all the rage in software development circles.  Ruby and Groovy have them and then C# got them.  Python had a form of them but are they really closures?  What are closures anyway - do we need them?

In this presentation I argue that anything you can do with closures you can do without closures.  Often not as elegantly, but often just as clearly.  What do you think?


Posted by Lakisha on
I apaptciree you taking to time to contribute That's very helpful.
Posted by Jonnie on
Shoot, who would have thuohgt that it was that easy? [url=]oqcjghpw[/url] [link=]uosrsvwhjuk[/link]
Posted by Celiane on
Ah just what I'm looking for! I could not find this opotraer documented on the Groovy site. Excellent topics too btw, makes my learning idiomatic Groovy way easier. Thanks.
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